Children and Adolescent Gynaecology Section of Lithuania (PAG) is a non-profit organisation under the Association of Gynaecology of Lithuanian Association of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (LAGD). The PAG Section was established on the 23rd of April on 1999 during the conference held in Kaunas. The Section‘s founder and the first chairperson (from 1999 to 2002) was Dr Ingrida Baseviciene. Since 2002 the person in charge of the Section has been Dr Zana Bumbuliene.

The goals and objectives of the Section although mutual with LAGD however are more focused towards children and adolescent age groups.

The Section‘s goal (mission statement): to unite all Lithuanian medical staff working or interested in a field of children and teenagers gynaecology.

Objectives (tasks): to improve young females gynaecological health care; to raise the medical staff‘s qualification level and expand knowledge in the field; to apply science innovation in practice; to provide scientific and methodical assistance with questions in children and adolescent gynaecology.

From the unit’s establishment till 2010 the annual meetings were organised to present topics, discuss various clinical cases, learn about new treatment methods and medicine. Since 2011 the Section has been holding annual conferences, various meetings and workshops, which is becoming a tradition.

Since 2003 the Section has been a member of the EURAPAG (European Association of Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology), which was founded on 12 June 2008 in Saint Petersburg. At the beginning the regulations were established and the nine member board was elected including a representative from Lithuania – Dr Zana Bumbuliene. The first EUROPAG president to be elected was Czech Prof Jan Horejsi.

Chairperson – Zana Bumbuliene; the assistant chairperson – Kristina Jariene. Board members: Vilma Vasjanova (Vilnius), Birute Maciuleviciene (Alytus), Asta Damkuviene (Siauliai).

At the moment the unit has 42 members.